Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jerretts Farm Apples

Jerretts Farm on Roan Mountain has a variety of fresh picked apples. Take 143 towards Roan Mtn. State Park, keep going past the visitors center, past the pool, just past Jack's Store turn left on Burbank Road. Go one mile, turn right on Jess Jarrett Road. There are signs at the turns.
You will be greeted with friendly people who are happy to let you sample any apples and will help you choose the variety that will suit your wants. Not only will you get delicious fresh apples at a great price you will be helping local farmers. They should have apples until about mid November. They are not open on Sundays.
Phone number: 772-3284
There are some pretty places to picnic on Roan Mountain.
Apple Filling in a jar makes a nice gift. You could also pair it with frozen pie dough if you like.

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