Thursday, January 27, 2011

Leslie Sansone DVD

Have you tried Leslie Sansone DVDs? Walking on a DVD sounded funny to me until I watched it. There are all sorts of different moves that she shows you. It helps not only with the obvious benefits of walking but with balance and coordination which is very important to work on when you age. She makes exercise fun and easy. You can have a mile done in only about 15 minutes. Exercise needs to be a priority in all of our lives. When we exercise it increases our strength, endurance & immunity. Exercise also helps greatly with mental health. We feel better and we can get more done.

Sams has her DVDs now for only $8.88.


rbecca said...

I used her videos for a while until I was ready to move to something more challenging. They are more of a workout than one would think and without the high impact that can bring up old injuries.

rbecca said...

I think her walking DVDs are great! I did them a while back until I was ready for something more challenging (Jillian Michaels). They are more of a workout than one would think without being high-impact or bringing back old injuries.