Friday, April 16, 2010

Notes To My Daughter #2

These are more notes I wrote to HL while she was growing up. I am so touched that she thought to save all the notes I wrote her. I didn't think of getting a box for them until years later when I saw she was saving them. If I would have known what I was doing I would have written the dates on them.
These are the size of a business card and envelope. I wrote little a short message of thank you on the card and I would leave it on her pillow. I didn't do it every night. It wouldn't come as a surprise if I did. I wanted her to know how much I appreciated her kindnesses.
Even now she is so kind and giving to me and I think I need to give her a card. Before I know it time has passed and there's other things I should be thanking her for but I rarely get that card written. I intend to get back to writing these short messages of thanks.

The small size makes it easy and quick to write a message.


The Fabric Baker said...

BLESSING to me, beyond measure!!!!!!!

Kate said...

Wish you would write us all a book !!
What a wonderful way to teach your child how truly valued and loved they are !!
Love and HUGE hugs,