Friday, June 19, 2009

mini scrapbook album

I made this mini scrapbook album for my dad for Father's Day with some of the pictures that I have. His mother gave me some great pictures. She was so good about writing the dates on the back of the pictures. This is something I have sadly neglected to do to my pictures.
I really like the mini scrapbooks because they can be finished in a reasonable amount of time. The mini albums can be stored in a basket and left out for all to enjoy. This is the cover.

Small tags are slipped behind the pictures for journaling.

He's posing on the donkey with his grandmother, grandfather, mother, aunt, & uncle in Mexico.

His wedding to my beautiful polynesian mother.

My first sewing lesson. My hair sticks up on top after cutting gum out of my hair. I still have the white cabinet in the back.


Kate said...

What an amazing job you did on your tribute mini scrapbook album of your Dad !!!! Shows how very, very special he is !!! :)

Love and HUGE hugs,

PS Love the size of the album, I love finishing these-not overwhelming

Cup Of Encouragement said...

Thank you Kate for your sweet comment. I am excited you are planning on coming Thursday night. THe mini albums make such great gifts and it's fun to think back to the fun times the pictures were taken.